TC Superstar is the solo project of Austin based songwriter Connor McCampbell. He wrote a collection of synth wave songs over the summer of 2017 and released TC Superstar's first album, Masc, in September 2017 through Austin based label Porch Fire Records. Fans and critics have described TC Superstar as "bloopy 80s revivalist synth pop" with "congested vocals" and "pretty good beats." McCampbell's influences include Talking Heads, Chairlift, Arthur Russel, and Alex Cameron.

McCampbell collaborates with choreographer LB Flett for the band's live performances, which include dance by Flett as well as Emily DiFranco and Francis Rodriguez. The live band features Mitchell Webb and Julio Correa, both involved in McCampbell's previous projects Polyprop and R.C. Cat.




"TC Superstar shot into the Austin scene with a debut album and a fully choreographed performance act"
Orange Magazine

"Frontman Connor McCampbell brings charming, off-beat synthpop on stage with a pure love for performance"
Study Breaks Magazine

"At the core, it’s indie music: catchy, weird, and lyrically thoughtful"
Verge Campus

"McCampbell traffics in bloopy, rubbery, 80s-revivalist synthpop, decorating his drum machine loops with pastel-tone synth loops and floating over it all with his flat, stuffy-nosed baritone"
Ben Dickerson



Facebook: @TCSuperstar
Instagram: @TC_Superstar