TC Superstar

TC Superstar is a collaborative performance group, blending dance, music, and visual art. The project is fronted and produced by Connor McCampbell. TC Superstar features dance and choreography by LB Flett, Emily DiFranco, Francis Rodriguez, Yuriko Roby, Andie Duong, Emily Tolson, Kathleen Tiernan, Katie Lowen, Kendel Jones, Taylor Dominique, and Bradi Nelson. Performing and collaborating musicians include Julio Correa, Mitchell Webb, Aaron Chavez, and Ateen Savadkoohi. TC Superstar's recordings feature collaborations across the indie scene in Austin, TX.

The band formed in September of 2017 with the release of Masc, an album about notions of masculinity. In April of 2018, TC Superstar released Heat Death, a conceptual EP about the environment, consumerism and grieving for the eventual death of humankind. TC Superstar released their second full length album, R&D, in May of 2019. This Album explores notions of love, romance, and relationships through the lens of two characters, Ricky and Dana. TC Superstar's 2021 release, As Seen on TV, examines entertainment and our consumption of it, written during a time when the group was unable to perform live. In 2023 TC Superstar released another full record, Static Dynamic, which explores the dissolution of a romance, an occupation, a home, humanity.

The project is currently working on a small collection of songs to release in 2024.


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